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Collector cars are known from many people as a hobby, or as a healthy way to enjoy driving a classic car on the roads. Others may find on it a distinction's sign, and there are really some reasons for that. As a matter in fact, many truly classic cars are, moreover, much more exclusive than the expensivest sportcar you may acquire today new in any dealer. 


In, without giving up the above, attach them to the investment asset's condition. Nothing new or discovered by us. Actually HAGI Index (Historic Automobile Group International) shows that, in the historical sequence, the revaluation from classic cars' investments was higher than some tangible goods like gold.


Always remembering that past performances should not be seen as an indication of future performances, classic cars achieved a yield of 46,75 % during 2013, and, excluiding Porsche and Ferrari, of 43,34 % in the same period.


Those figures includes some vehicles with astronomical prices that, curiously, are the most revaluated ones lately as they are considered as a safe haven asset. In the other extrem, a youngtimer (like a Citroën 2CV, for instance) doesn't reach a yield of 1% per year. Then, what profitability may I expect from a classic car that I could invest on? Something realistic is  about a 15% of annual rate of profit.


If this is so, how to carriying it out? Well, simply leaving your investments in expert hands, like As we said before, not any classic car will revaluated in this proportion or similar. That only happens with some exclusive units and in best condition. This is exactly what has to do for you, for our customers. We look for the best options, select the best units, we investigate the track records, write professional reports and assess objectively. Our goal is to present you this classic car you will enjoy driving, while its value increases day by day.



Don't hesitate, is the best investment and is your investment's engine.

Search offers you a wide network of contacts and search tools to identify the most interesting units, those which are a great investment their own from the very first day, but even those with the biggest potential revaluation in order to assure the deal's profitability for our clients.



Information is one of the economy pillars and talking about tangible assets' investments even more. All our acquisitions are supported with a detailed report, not only from the identified model, but from the selected unit to be acquired. Condition, records, annual percentage rate of estimated profitability; all data that presents a car as an investment asset are evaluated and reported.



We look for and obtain all certificates, even from the car maker or previous owners, accepted as means of evidence of the exclusivity of the selected unit, its history, sport records or shotage of produced units; all that in order to defend and maximize the investment and its ROI in the short and middle term.

Our team


Usually said, but never so clear than in the human team is the success' base. Multidisciplinary professionals, highlighting financial profiles, IT professionals and, of course, classic cars' experts; all that with an special attention to detail. Their goal is to obtain the highest profitability  from their investments made in tangible assets.

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