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Why to invest in classic cars?

In the attached graphics you may find the evolution from classic cars' prices in comparision with a typical tangible asset like gold. 


As you see the classic cars prices' behavior during the crisis is quite better than the borse's one. During recovery, just in specific times and for an small margin, is a little bit inferior. Currently the trend is strongly bullish. 

Take a look at the Knight Frank's luxury investment index by asset class' performance graphic.

During the period between Q4 2004 and Q4 2014 classic cars rised a 487% its value, in comparision with stamps, coins or art, for example, performing less than a half.

No one tangible asset performed as classic cars did and that in the middle of the deepest crisis time.

Interesting, isn't it?

But probably even more if we may compare classic cars with gold.

It's amazing to realize how classic cars increased continuously its value while gold droped dramatically at the same time.

Nothing to add if we see the FTSE 100's behavior.

Would you invest in gold or in classic cars?

But not only Knight Frank gives us an overview from the classic cars behavior in a historical point of view. Even Hagerty send us a clear message.


As you may check in this graphic the classic cars prices raises strongly after January 2010 until middle 2015. A preview from next months is still quite optimistic as classic cars remains as one of the most interesting investment asset.




Hagerty Market Rating - Historic View:

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