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Classic cars are the tangible asset that have had the best financial behavior in the historical sequence, even better than gold, talking about annual rate of profitability. 


This is a proven fact as HAGI Index (Historic Automobile Group International) published in the Financial Times, among others, demonstrates; and shows that even at the crisis times, classic cars are the most profitable investment as well. 


Answer is easy: not any classic car obtain an interesting revaluation for the average investor.  


Biggest profitabilities are in those exclusive units reached of only few. look for, identify, certify and invest for you in this kind of vehicles that are the most wanted from the best international collectors due to its shortage of production.


In this section you will find some instances of investments made for our customers and the achieved profitabilities for them, that never were under 15% annual percentage rate of profit.


You will enjoy driving this investments and they are the most revaluated tangible goods, what else may you want?


*Past performances should not be seen as an indication of future performances.

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