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October 2014 HAGI® Index

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HAGI® Classic Car Indices gained mostly during the month of October. The HAGI Top 50 Index rose 8.52 points (3.23%) compared to September, reaching a new all time high of 272.05. The HAGI Top is now showing a performance of 15.74% for the year as well as 31.65% for the past twelve months. Strongest contribution for the month came from marques such as Porsche (HAGI 'P' up 8.95%) and Ferrari (HAGI 'F' 6.22%). The HAGI MBCI (classic Mercedes-Benz), which is based on a much broader mix of models, also gained 3.61 points (2.41%) and is up 9.19% over twelve months. With Porsche and Ferrari removed a different picture emerges. The HAGI Top ex P&F Index (17 marques) lost 1.91% for the month, weakest for the year (7.89%) and lowest performance since the end of 2008.

The table listed below further highlights key market movements for all published indices. Additional fundamentals can be accessed by contacting HAGI.

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The HAGI Top Index is our overall market measure for exceptional historic automobiles.

The HAGI P Index is measuring the rare Porsche automobile market.

The HAGI F Index is measuring the rare Ferrari automobile market.

The HAGI Top ex P&F Index represents the HAGI Top Index without Porsche and Ferrari.

The HAGI MBCI measures the market for classic Mercedes-Benz automobiles (from 2012).


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