Would you invest in gold or in classic cars?

Collector cars are known from many people as a hobby, or as a healthy way to enjoy driving a classic car on the roads. Others may find on it a distinction's sign, and there are really some reasons for that. As a matter in fact, many truly classic cars are, moreover, much more exclusive than the expensivest sportcar you may acquire today new in any dealer. 

Why Classic Cars as Investments?

Classic cars are the tangible asset that have had the best financial behavior in the historical sequence, even better than gold, talking about annual rate of profitability. 

This is a proven fact, as Hagerty or Knight Frank demonstrates with their own data, collected during decades, that even at the crisis times, classic cars are the most profitable investment as well. 

Why investing with CarASSETS.com?

Answer is easy: not any classic car obtain an interesting revaluation for the average investor. 

Biggest profitabilities are in those exclusive units reached of only few. CarASSETS.com look for, identify, certify and invest for you in this kind of vehicles that are the most wanted from the best international collectors due to its shortage of production.

CarASSETS current Investments

Some instances of current investments made for our customers and the achieved profitabilities for them, that never were under 15% annual percentage rate of profit.


You will enjoy driving this investments and they are the most revaluated tangible goods, what else may you want?


*Past performances should not be seen as an indication of future performances.

1981 Porsche 911
930 Turbo Gemballa

This is a quite rare unit of Porsche 930 Turbo tunned by Gemballa in 1981. Look at this, a Porsche 930 Turbo was sold as standard car in DM 120.000.- and its owner invested other DM 55.000.- in the Gemballa tunning, almost a 50% more!. 300 HP and 265 Km/h.

31,74% per year

2005 Alpina Roadster

The last Alpina to have its engine hand built at the Buchloe factory. The Roadster S contains the ALPINA straight-six cylinder engine with 3,4 liters and 300 HP. One of 370 cars built in total (167 RHD), and Luxury model.

29,17% per year

1978 Alpina B7 Turbo Coupé

Only 153 units from this fast coupe were ever built and this one has the number 14 in its Alpina dashplatte, with all its options, and the most important thing: its Turbo engine that delivers 347 HP and reaches the 265 Km/h.

36,17% per year

1990 BMW M3 E30 16V

One of only 1.007 units ever built with the 215 HP engine S14 EVO (same as Cecotto and Ravaglia limited series). Immaculated condition, Spanish car, rust free. Great investment from a middle term perspective.

20,81% per year 

1975 Alpina B2 3.0 CSL

Quite rare unit of a BMW E9 tunned originally as an Alpina B2 3.0 CSL. Less than 50 cars were produced with this engine and this body. Has 230 HP of power and a top speed of 235 Km/h.

31,67% per year

1978 Alpina B8 3.2 Coupe

One of only 6 units ever built! The engine delivers 240 HP. Immaculated condition, absolutely perfect. Alpina fabric in lightweight Scheel seats. Probably the only one survivor from this model.

24,32% per year

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