From February 21st to February 23th, was present, with an imppresive 115 sq. meters stand, in one of the most reputable classic cars fair from the South of Europe: AutoClassic Madrid 2015.



The most interesting BMW Alpina collection was exposed durin...


Are you happy with the returns on your investments in stocks and/or property? Now read this. If you’d invested, say, Dh100,000 in an antique car in 2004, you would be sitting on an investment worth about Dh569,000 right now, or an increase of 469 per cent in 10 years.





HAGI® Classic Car Indices gained mostly during the month of October. The HAGI Top 50 Index rose 8.52 points (3.23%) compared to September, reaching a new all time high of 272.05. The HAGI Top is now showing a performance of 15.74% for the year as well as 31.65% for t...


This is one of the most wanted from BMW's collector model and the first product from MotorSport (therefore considered as the first model 'M' ever built) with Alpina's cooperation.


There were only 153 ever built in two different series. A first one of 110 units and a se...


2014 has began with a negative yields in most of HAGI Index.


Top HAGI Index lost 193 bp (0,82 %) going down until 233,12 in January after its historical maximun of 235,05 at the end of 2013.


Only one goes up which is HAGI P Index (classic Porsches) winning a...

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Highlighted posts was present in AutoClassic Madrid 2015


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November 10, 2014

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